Andrea Kieffer (b. 2000) is an American self-taught artist known for her minimalist, colorful work that is inspired by nature and the serenity that it brings into her life. 

With a love of all things creative since childhood, Kieffer experimented with different mediums, until she discovered a love for painting and silkscreen prints. Kieffer pays homage to anything from American folk art to naturalist artists to nature itself in her paintings, while her prints are more inspired by forms in interior design and architecture. 

The reoccurring theme depicted in her work is life’s essential balance between the complicated human existence and the hope for a simpler, more stable future. 

Kieffer was born in Buffalo, New York, but at a young age her family moved to a town outside of Montgomery, Alabama. She currently resides in Illinois. 

Kieffer’s work is found in private collections in the US, UK, and Switzerland.