Andrea Kieffer is an American artist, known for her minimalist work, vibrant colors, and bold, yet simple shapes that demand attention.

 She was born in Buffalo, New York, then later moved outside of Montgomery, Alabama. Growing up in an artistic family, surrounded by filmmakers, interior designers and photographers, Andrea’s art was always supported and encouraged.

 With a love of all things creative ever since childhood, Kieffer experimented with different medium, until she discovered a love for painting and silkscreen prints. “Painting provides freedom, while silkscreen printing brings procedure and precision.”

 Greatly influenced by interior design, architecture and Wes Anderson films, Andrea studied art history and color theory independently. Like works by Ellsworth Kelly and Carmen Herrera, Kieffer's paintings are most closely associated with hard-edge painting, color field painting and minimalism.

 The reoccurring theme depicted in her work is life’s essential balance between the complicated human existence and the hope for a simpler, more stable future. She considers life as being lived in the space between the two.

 In 2018, Kieffer’s art caught the eye of Roxana Sava, founder of State Of The Art Agency, who started managing and representing her. Her work is found in private collections in New York, London, and Switzerland.